General Information

  • Webb Street is a public, separate school serving students with cognitive impairments in Gaston County. We serve students grades Kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond. The school is divided up into teams: Elementary team, Middle School team, High School team, and Transition Academy. Students are eligible to attend Webb Street until they turn 22 years old and will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon graduation. Webb Street students are taught using the Extensions of the Common Core and are tested under the NC Extend 1 test (grades 3-8 and 10). Students also take the ACT Alternate Exam. Classes have a low student to teacher ratio, as each class has a certified teacher with at least one instructional assistant. 

    Our school is proud to offer students with many opportunities including a therapeutic swimming pool with a certified aquatics instructor. We strive to provide reverse inclusion by inviting students from other GCS to interact with our population. Community and school-based vocational training. monthly bowling outings and participation in Gaston County Special Olympics are just a few of our activities. When students enter the transition academy, they are offered opportunities to increase their vocational training in either a school based job or community job experience depending upon individual student needs. Currently, we have students receiving vocational training at local area churches, restaurants, our own Webb Street Java shop, an Aquaponics live learning lab and traditional greenhouse and garden.