Workings of Webb


    Workings of Webb 

    Webb Street School transition students work hard in student enterprises to grow a wide variety of ornamental plants, vegetables, and herbs using organic, traditional and aquaponic growing.  They also work hard running a Youth Farm Stand, a coffee shop called Webb Street Java for the staff at Webb Street, and Webb Waggers, where they make dog biscuits for sale.  Providing students with business experience is an essential component for the transition program, along with teaching the value of good work ethics and professional behavior.  Our goal is to give our students the necessary tools and support to help them gain independence, find meaningful employment and become contributing members of the community.


    Webb Street Garden

    Webb Street Garden is an onsite farm.  The farm features organic growing methods including soil growing and aquaponics.  The greenhouses allow year-round production of vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants.  The goal is to provide local produce to our community with a valuable service through local enterprises.

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    The WSS aquaponics project is integrated into one of our greenhouses.  We house four 500 gallon fish tanks with tilapia that fertilize the production of salanova lettuce that is harvested weekly.  The nutrient-rich water from the tanks is used in the garden and greenhouse for watering and fertilization of ornamental plants and vegetables in the school garden and in our traditional growing greenhouse.  The aquaponics system provides a valuable source of educational and applicable vocational training for our students.

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    Webb Street Java/Culinary Arts

    The culinary program is designed to give students the tools and applicable training to gain employment in related fields.  Students learn to incorporate school grown seasonal produce in a healthy and nutritious manner.  Creating baked goods for Webb Street Java and providing a monthly staff lunch that uses produce from our garden and lettuce from our aquaponics system is a great vocational opportunity.  The program provides skills that create greater independence and aids students in their pursuit of compensated employment.

     Webb Street Java






    Webb Waggers

    Students create healthy dog biscuits for our four-legged friends.  The students learn to follow a recipe, mix ingredients, roll and cut dough, back and package the biscuits.  The dog treats are all natural and our four-legged friends have been giving them rave reviews.

    Webb Waggers Webb Waggers 2