Mission and Vision

  • Mission Statement

    Through collaboration with stakeholders, Brookside Elementary School staff provides a safe, nurturing environment where all learners receive a well-rounded, 21st Century education.


    The vision of Brookside Elementary School is to provide a collaborative community which creates responsible, respectful lifelong learners who are prepared for success.


    Strategic Goals
    1. To create a safe and orderly school climate which cultivates respect, citizenship, and responsibility.
    2. To provide an instructional program that will insure optimal success for each student.

    3. To form a communication network that would encompass the total Brookside family, including teachers, assistants, specialists, administration, parents, and students.
    Brookside is a Title I school. For more information please go to the Gaston County Title One Department or visit the NC Title I page.

    We are happy to be a School of Progress with no sanctions. We have passed all 21 AYP goals. Thank you so much for supporting our school! Please visit our school report card at the NC Department of Instruction website. Other websites worth visiting are the NC Parent Involvement Resource Center and The Parent Information Resource Center.

    This site has links to visit about the EOGs, several workshops that you may be interested in and other resources.