• School groups, including bands, cheerleaders, and JROTC units, participate in parades

    Our schools had so much fun participating in parades across Gaston County to celebrate the 2022 holiday season.

    Marching bands, cheerleaders, JROTC units, and other school groups added plenty of cheer to the hometown parades.  Again this year, our classic 1950-model orange bus was a hit in the parades as children, parents, and others waved in excitement.  People always seem to enjoy seeing our classic bus, which was originally used as a school bus for Tryon High School.

    Kristin Kiser, our 2022-2023 Principal of the Year, was featured on a candy cane-themed float in the Lowell parade along with New Teacher of the Year Jasmine Rompilla, Teacher Assistant of the Year Belinda Lewis, and students from Lowell Elementary. During the Gastonia parade, Steven Loudon, our 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year, rode on a fire department truck with some of his students and Gastonia city council member Jim Gallagher, who invited Loudon to be a part of the parade.  Additionally, Loudon was featured in the Dallas parade.

    The parades are just one way that our schools are involved in the community. Be sure to check our slideshow of pictures to see the wonderful parade moments captured by our photographers.

    From everyone in the Gaston County Schools family, we wish you a joyous holiday season, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  We look forward to 2023 with enthusiasm and optimism for a new year that is productive and successful for our schools.

Mount Holly Christmas Parade