Academically Intellectually Gifted Services

Academically Intellectually Gifted (AIG)
  • Mission Statement

    It is the belief of Gaston County Schools that outstanding academic abilities are present in students including those from culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. These students have an exceptional academic or intellectual potential, which must be recognized, challenged, and nurtured through differentiated services beyond those which are ordinarily provided by the regular education program.

    Services for students must be a part of the overall educational program that supports excellence for all students. This can best be accomplished through collaborative efforts with general education and through the provision of differentiated services that match each student's needs.

    The Gaston County Schools AIG Department values gifted and potentially gifted students as diverse learners and is committed to their academic success. Our students are provided with a high level of intellectual stimulation through meaningful, rigorous, and technologically-advanced instruction and opportunities. As educators we strive to empower AIG students to become successful lifelong learners prepared to meet future global challenges.


  • Kathleen Koch
    Director of Academically & Intellectually Gifted
    Department of Exceptional Children