• Kia Outstanding Educator Awards
    Wednesday, April 17    4:00 p.m.    Stuart W. Cramer High School
  • Kia of Gastonia Outstanding Educators

  • Check out our slideshow to see the 55 school and central office nominees for the Kia Outstanding Educator Award. Click the "i" icon to see the names.

  • One employee will win a brand new car... just like John Stone did last year! 

    Kia of Gastonia Outstanding Educator Award Winner

    John Stone, a teacher at Stanley Middle School, won the 2017 Kia Outstanding Educator Award and a new Kia Soul from Kia of Gastonia.  
    It’s time for one deserving employee of Gaston County Schools to win a new car from Kia of Gastonia.

    On Wednesday, April 17, one employee’s name will be chosen in a drawing and that person will become the 2018-2019 Kia Outstanding Educator and claim the keys to a new Kia Soul.

    For the sixth consecutive year, Kia of Gastonia is partnering with Gaston County Schools to sponsor the Kia Outstanding Educator Awards program. The announcement of the Kia Outstanding Educator Award winner takes place during a 4:00 p.m. ceremony on Wednesday, April 17 at Stuart W. Cramer High School, 101 Lakewood Road, Belmont.

    Each school and the central office selected a nominee for the Kia Outstanding Educator Award. The nominees include teachers, custodians, office personnel, teacher assistants, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and support staff.

    During the ceremony, the 55 nominees will be recognized and one nominee’s name will be chosen in a random drawing. That person will win the Kia Outstanding Educator Award and the Kia Soul from Kia of Gastonia.

    “Again this year, we are proud to partner with Kia of Gastonia to sponsor the Kia Outstanding Educator Awards,” said Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffrey Booker. “This important recognition program has become an excellent way for Gaston County Schools and Kia of Gastonia to honor the many outstanding school employees we have in Gaston County.”

    Booker continued, “We are extremely grateful to Kia of Gastonia and Kia president Chris Hafer for making the Kia Outstanding Educator Awards possible for a fourth consecutive year. The ceremony is an exciting event for our employees, schools and the community, and we are looking forward to another great program and seeing who wins a new car.”

    The award nominees are seen as “unsung heroes” who support the school district’s vision, demonstrate exemplary service and excellence in their job, exhibit a teamwork attitude, and go the extra mile each day to help children.

    “Our nominees always exceed expectations even though they may not always get credit for their hard work and unwavering commitment to their job,” added Superintendent Booker. “They are dedicated, caring people who take great pride in Gaston County Schools.”

    Kia of Gastonia is located at 4290 Wilkinson Boulevard in Gastonia.
  • Kia Outstanding Educator Award Nominees

    Below is a list of the Gaston County Schools Kia Outstanding Educator Award nominees for 2018-2019:
    • Ashbrook High – Leslie Wyatt, English Teacher
    • Beam Elementary – Amy Jackson, Receptionist
    • Beam Intermediate – Kim Beam, Media Specialist
    • Belmont Central Elementary – Teresa Whitesides, Financial Secretary
    • Belmont Middle – Sandra Crawford, Lead Custodian
    • Bess Elementary – Donald Darby, Bus Driver
    • Bessemer City Central – Robin Hensley, Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant
    • Bessemer City High – Kathleen MacDonald, Teacher Assistant
    • Bessemer City Middle – Amy Medlock, Bessemer City Middle
    • Bessemer City Primary – Erin Morehead, School Counselor
    • Brookside Elementary – Lisa Robinson, Parent Involvement Specialist
    • Carr Elementary – Mike Gummeson, School Custodian
    • Catawba Heights Elementary – Barbara Miller, Media Specialist
    • Central Office – Authur Ware, Bus Mechanic
    • Chapel Grove Elementary – Julie Champion, School Secretary
    • Chavis Middle – Larry Montgomery, School Custodian
    • Cherryville Elementary – Katie Estes, Financial Secretary/Data Manager
    • Cherryville High – Rob Webb, Remediation Specialist
    • Costner Elementary – Marisha Boone, School Counselor
    • Stuart W. Cramer High – Kristen Sanders, Exceptional Chidren Teacher Assistant
    • Cramerton Middle – Kristin Hedrick, School Counselor
    • East Gaston High – Billy Morrow, School Custodian
    • Forestview High – Angela Olmsted, Receptionist
    • Friday Middle – Hattie Brooks, Cafeteria Assistant
    • Gardner Park Elementary – Druscilla Hill, Cafeteria Assistant
    • Gaston Early College – Leah Stewart, Data Manager/Financial Secretary
    • Grier Middle – Laura Benson, Sixth Grade Teacher
    • Hawks Nest STEAM Academy – Stephanie Paul, Data Manager/Financial Secretary
    • Highland School of Technology – Nancy Taliaferro, Engineering Teacher
    • Holbrook Middle – Lee Conner, CTE Teacher
    • Hunter Huss High –  Tina Walker, Financial Secretary
    • Kiser Elementary – Lisa White, Third Grade Teacher
    • Lingerfeldt Elementary – Jeff Bowers, Lead Custodian
    • Lowell Elementary – Authur Tolbert, Lead Custodian
    • McAdenville Elementary – Charles Poole, Custodian
    • Mount Holly Middle – Fahreta Ibrakovic, Custodian
    • New Hope Elementary – Aaron Smith, Custodian
    • North Belmont Elementary – James Hyman, Custodian/Bus Driver
    • North Gaston High – Donna Johnson, Data Manager
    • Page Primary – Keith Mullins, Lead Custodian
    • Pinewood Elementary – Emily Vaughn, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
    • Pleasant Ridge Elementary – James Giambusso, School Counselor
    • Rankin Elementary – James Mack, Lead Custodian
    • Robinson Elementary – Jennifer Albergine, Cafeteria Assistant
    • Sadler Elementary – Sara Cannon, First Grade Teacher
    • Sherwood Elementary – Warren Williams, Lead Custodian
    • South Point High – Stephanie Gee, Receptionist
    • Southwest Middle – Toni Church, Exceptional Children Teacher
    • Springfield Elementary – Melody Crouse, Custodian and Cafeteria Worker
    • Stanley Middle – Mary Blanton, Custodian and Cafeteria Worker
    • Tryon Elementary – Najetta Gingles, Pre-K Exceptional Children Teacher
    • Warlick Academy – Cheryl Hudson, Teacher Assistant
    • Webb Street – Stephanie Carpenter, Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant
    • Woodhill Elementary – Cynthia Hibbler, Receptionist
    • York Chester Middle – Carole Hamblin, Science Teacher
  • From the Superintendent
    Again thisSuperintendent Jeff Booker year, Kia of Gastonia will sponsor the Outstanding Educator Awards program that recognizes the “unsung heroes” of Gaston County Schools. The program honors 55 employees – one from each school and one from the Central Office – who go beyond expectations to help our schools, but don’t always get praise for a job well done. 
    The Outstanding Educator Awards ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17 at 4:00 p.m. at Stuart W. Cramer High School. While all nominees are honored during the ceremony for their hard work and commitment to Gaston County Schools, one emerges as the Kia Outstanding Educator and receives a new car from Kia of Gastonia. A random drawing will be conducted to see which nominee wins the 2019 Kia Soul.

    The Kia Outstanding Educator Awards ceremony has been an excellent program for the past five years, and we are anticipating another suspenseful and exciting event. All schools are encouraged to have representatives at the ceremony to support the nominees.

    We are extremely grateful to Chris Hafer, president of Kia of Gastonia, for making this important recognition program possible. Mr. Hafer wanted to show appreciation and support for our schools and the car giveaway is how he says “thank you” to all school employees for providing excellent educational opportunities to children.

    Our first five winners – W.A. Bess Elementary's Omer Salazar in 2013, Gardner Park Elementary's Stevie Anderson in 2014, W.A. Bess Elementary's Julie Shatterly in 2015, Pinewood Elementary's Kim Costner in 2016 and Stanley Middle's John Stone in 2017 – were most deserving of the award and new car from Kia of Gastonia. We look forward to finding out on April 17 who will join them as the recipient of the 2018-2019 Kia Outstanding Educator Award.
    W. Jeffrey Booker
    Superintendent of Schools