• Kia Outstanding Educator Awards

VIDEO: Announcement of 2017 Winner

  • Kia Outstanding Educator Awards
    Click the video to watch John Stone, language arts teacher at Stanley Middle School, win the 2017 Kia Outstanding Educator Award and a new car from Kia of Gastonia. Stone was one of 55 employees honored during the fifth annual Kia Outstanding Educator Awards ceremony on Thursday, November 16 at Stuart W. Cramer High School.

    John Stone of Stanley Middle is our 2017 Kia Outstanding Educator Award winner.  
    Congratulations, John Stone of Stanley Middle School. 
    He's our Kia Outstanding Educator for 2017!
    Click here to read more about the awards ceremony.

Kia Outstanding Educator Award Nominees

    Below is a list of the Gaston County Schools Kia Outstanding Educator Award nominees for 2017:
    • Ashbrook High – Andrew Collins
    • Beam Elementary – Leah Stewart
    • Beam Intermediate – Glenn Willis
    • Belmont Central Elementary – Kim Gaston
    • Belmont Middle – Shannon Williams
    • Bess Elementary – Jackie Hardin
    • Bessemer City Central – Jason Allen
    • Bessemer City High – Toni Linton
    • Bessemer City Middle – Lisa Snow
    • Bessemer City Primary – Crystal Wray
    • Brookside Elementary – Kevin Lowery
    • Carr Elementary – Melissa Wooten
    • Catawba Heights Elementary – Helen Dillon
    • Central Office – Rocky Carpenter
    • Chapel Grove Elementary – Lisa Bradley
    • Chavis Middle – Ed Ware
    • Cherryville Elementary – Melanie Sherrill
    • Cherryville High – Susan Beth Quattlebaum
    • Costner Elementary – Sherry Willis
    • Stuart W. Cramer High – Matthew Holloman
    • Cramerton Middle – Jimmy Mason
    • East Gaston High – Lois Costner
    • Forestview High – Beverly Smith
    • Friday Middle – Hattie Brooks
    • Gardner Park Elementary – April Walker
    • Gaston Early College – Terri Springer
    • Grier Middle – Mike Moss
    • Hawks Nest STEAM Academy - Gary Clark
    • Highland School of Technology – Bobby Wright
    • Holbrook Middle – Lee Connor
    • Hunter Huss High – Donnie Biggerstaff
    • Kiser Elementary – Melissa Combs
    • Lingerfeldt Elementary – Jeff Bowers
    • Lowell Elementary – Arthur Tolbert
    • McAdenville Elementary – Cindy Smith
    • Mount Holly Middle – Fahreta Ibrakovic
    • New Hope Elementary – Melanie Smith
    • North Belmont Elementary – Sonya Helton
    • North Gaston High – Faith Routhier
    • Page Primary – Beverly Cook
    • Pinewood Elementary – Billy Willoughby
    • Pleasant Ridge Elementary – Leslie McClain
    • Rankin Elementary – James Mack
    • Robinson Elementary – Cecil Sadler
    • Sadler Elementary – Gary Brooks
    • Sherwood Elementary – Christi Jolley
    • South Point High – Heather Waters
    • Southwest Middle – Francine Sadler
    • Springfield Elementary – Melody Crouse
    • Stanley Middle – John Stone
    • Tryon Elementary – Stephani Frady
    • Warlick Academy – Kathy Scott
    • Webb Street – Stan Neely
    • Woodhill Elementary – Melissa Armstrong
    • York Chester Middle – Kathy Rivas

    Click here for our Nominee Profiles.
  • From the Superintendent
       Superintendent Jeff Booker Again this year, Kia of Gastonia sponsored the Outstanding Educator Awards program that recognized the “unsung heroes” of Gaston County Schools. The program honored 55 employees – one from each school and one from the Central Office – who go beyond expectations to help our schools, but don’t always get praise for a job well done.

    The Outstanding Educator Awards ceremony was held Thursday, November 16 at Stuart W. Cramer High School. While all nominees were honored during the ceremony for their hard work and commitment to Gaston County Schools, one emerged as the Kia Outstanding Educator and received a new car from Kia of Gastonia. A random drawing was conducted to see which nominee won the 2017 Kia Rio.

    The Kia Outstanding Educator Awards ceremony has been an excellent program for the past five years, and had another suspenseful and exciting event. All schools had representatives at the ceremony to support their nominees.

    We are extremely grateful to Chris Hafer, president of Kia of Gastonia, for making this important recognition program possible. Mr. Hafer wanted to show appreciation and support for our schools and the car giveaway is how he says “thank you” to all school employees for providing excellent educational opportunities to children.

    Our first four winners – W.A. Bess Elementary's Omer Salazar in 2013, Gardner Park Elementary's Stevie Anderson in 2014, W.A. Bess Elementary's Julie Shatterly in 2015, and Pinewood Elementary's Kim Costner in 2016 – were most deserving of the award and new car from Kia of Gastonia. 

    W. Jeffrey Booker
    Superintendent of Schools