Requesting Records

  • Beginning October 24, 2016 all student record requests will be $10. 

    Gaston County School graduates are now able to request cumulative records information and transcripts online. This new, online process was established to address the needs of GCS graduates and to accommodate the growing need for student transcripts to be available for employment background checks, college enrollment and continuing education. The Student Records Department houses records dating from the 1920's to 2017 of graduates and all former students. More records are called in as space is available to process them.
    Common reasons for requesting school records or transcripts are:
    • applying for social security disability 
    • proof of birth 
    • job application 
    • applying to colleges or universities 
    • for probation officers 
    • for the court system 
    • verification of graduation dates 
    • immunization verification 
    To request a transcript, student record, or for verification of graduation, use the link below.



  • Terri Surbeck
    Director of Student Services
    In person requests can be made at:
    943 Osceola Street, Gastonia, N.C.