Alternative Education

  • All school districts in the state of North Carolina are required to have an alternative learning program and/or school. An alternative learning program is defined as a school or program that services students at any level, serves suspended or expelled students, serves students whose learning styles are better served in an alternative program or provides individualized programs outside of a standard classroom setting in a caring atmosphere in which students learn the skills necessary to redirect their lives.

    ALPs are limited to programs that also meet the following criteria:

    • Provide the primary instruction for selected at-risk students outside the standard classroom,
    • Enroll students for a designated period of time,
    • Offer course credit or grade level promotion credit in core academic areas, and/or
    • Assist the student in meeting requirements for graduation.

    Gaston County Schools’ alternative school is Warlick Academy which serves students in grades six through twelve. Principals may apply to place students in this specialized environment or, in some cases, students may be administratively placed.

    Warlick Academy is nestled in the small rural town of Ranlo, N.C. However, students are received from all over Gaston County. Most students ride the bus each day provided by Gaston County Schools.

    At present, Warlick Academy employs a principal and assistant principal, 17 regular education teachers, 3 exceptional children’s teachers, and 9 instructional teacher assistants. In addition, Warlick Academy provides an instructional facilitator, 1 full-time counselor, social worker and an on-campus day treatment program run by Gaston Adolescent Center of Gastonia, N.C. 

    Warlick Academy strives to prepare students behaviorally and socially to be successful citizens. For more information, please click here.