Health Services and School Nursing

  • Mission Statement for School Nurses

    The mission of Gaston County Schools' Nurses is to maximize the health and well being of Gaston County School students and to address the diverse needs of the school population while minimizing health issues that can be a barrier to learning.


    School nurses will empower students, families, educators and the community by providing prevention, early detection, and intervention for health issues and by providing health education services. Gaston County School Nurses will maintain national school nurse standards. The Gaston County School Nurses' knowledge, experience and familiarity with community and private share holders and resources will facilitate our students' health needs and thus enhance student well being.


    School nurses believe a student's physical and mental well being is essential for the lifelong ability to learn, to be productive and successful citizens, and to achieve life goals.

    • Promote student attendance and success in schools.
    • Assist families and school staff in establishing plans of care for specific student health needs while at school.
    • Provide student health screenings and referral as needed for health care needs.
    • Assist parents and schools in adhering to the NC State Immunization Laws for student school attendance.
    • Promote a healthy school environment.
    • Increase graduation rate.
    • Be a resource for students, parents and staff.
    • Gaston County School Nurses will maintain national school nurse standards.

    Presently, there is a school nurse that provides services to 56 schools in the Gaston County School community.

    All Gaston County school nurses are registered nurses with a Bachelor's Degree and a National School Nurse Certification within three years of date of hire.