School Bonds 2018
  • On Tuesday, May 8, the citizens of Gaston County will have the opportunity to vote on a $250 million school bond referendum.

    If approved by voters, the funds will be used to address critical needs in three categories:

    • New School Construction: $110 million
    • School Additions: $25 million
    • Renovations and Repairs: $115 million

    New School Construction: $110 million

    • $30 million to build a new elementary school in the southeast Gastonia area to accommodate future growth and alleviate the potential for overcrowding. The southeast quadrant of the county has been identified as an area for significant population growth.
    • $40 million to build a new middle school in Belmont (the new school will replace the old Belmont Middle School building).
    • $40 million to build a new middle school that would replace one of our old middle schools and be built to accommodate growth.

    School Additions: $25 million

    • Classroom additions
    • Expansion and renovation of media centers and cafeterias

    Renovations and Repairs: $115 million
    Funds designated for schools in all six townships based on the critical facility needs in each township:

    • Cheryville Township - $5.8 million
    • Crowders Mountain Township - $12.1 million
    • Dallas Township - $14.5 million
    • Gastonia Township - $38.7 million
    • Riverbend Township - $21.6 million
    • South Point Township - $20.3 million

      ($2 million is allocated for department office buildings)

    The funds would address the most critical renovations and repairs in the following areas:

    • Life Safety (cameras, intercoms, and alarms)
    • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
    • Electrical/Lighting
    • Water/Sewer/Gas Lines
    • Plumbing
    • Roof Replacement
    • Structural Repairs
    • Athletic Facilities
    • Doors/Windows
    • Parking Lots/Driveways
    • Environmental
    • Elevators
    • Restrooms
    • ADA Compliance