• Payroll Information for Employees, October 18, 2023

    Hello, employees.  We would like to provide you with the following update from Finance/Payroll and Human Resources.  Please take time to read this information carefully.

    For all employees
    On October 3, 2023, the state budget for fiscal years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 became law.  Here is a link to the state budget: Session Law 2023-134 House Bill 259 (PDF)

    The state budget provides the following salary increases this school year for school personnel effective July 1, 2023:

    ○ Certified employees (including teachers, instructional personnel, and administrators) - salary increases are listed in the 2023-2024 N.C. State Salary Schedules that can be accessed by clicking this link: 2023-2024 NC State Salary Schedules
    ○ School bus drivers - 6%
    ○ Other hourly employees - 4%
    ○ Other salaried employees - 4%

    Bi-weekly payroll on October 20
    The state salary increases/changes for classified/hourly employees have been entered into Oracle.  You are now able to see your new hourly rate in Oracle by selecting “Me,” “Show More,” and “My Compensation.”  This bi-weekly payroll will reflect the new hourly rates for the pay period of October 1-14.  In addition, this payroll will include retroactive payments that reflect your salary increase to cover July 1 to September 30 for 12-month employees.  This will be shown on your payslip as “Regular Hours Retroactive” and will be broken down by prior pay periods under the description section.

    Monthly payroll on October 27
    Certified Employees:  The October payroll for certified employees (including teachers, instructional personnel, and administrators) will be based on the new N.C. State Salary Schedules for 2023-2024, and certified employees who qualify will advance one experience step from last year.

    The salary increases/changes will be paid retroactively to the beginning of this budget year.  For example, a 10-month teacher will receive retroactive pay (the difference in the previous pay rate and the new pay rate) for August and September.  This will be shown on your payslip as “Regular Salary Retroactive.”

    Additionally, the Gaston County Board of Education approved the payment of a monthly state salary supplement to qualified teachers and certified instructional personnel – this includes any employee currently receiving a local teacher salary supplement.  However, the amount of the state supplement funds has not yet been determined or allotted by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).  Therefore, these funds will not be included in the October 27 payroll.  We expect the funds to be allotted by NCDPI in the coming weeks so they can be distributed to our teachers and certified instructional personnel in November – this will include any retroactive payments in the state salary supplement back to the beginning of the current school year.

    Non-Certified Employees: Non-certified, salaried employees will receive a 4% salary increase in the October 27 payroll.  In addition, they will receive retroactive pay for the amount of the salary increase back to the beginning of the budget year.  For example, a 12-month salaried employee will receive retroactive pay (the difference in the previous pay rate and the new pay rate) for July, August, and September.  This will be shown on your payslip as “Regular Salary Retroactive.”

    We hope that you find this information to be helpful.  The delay in the approval of the state budget has complicated the payroll process, but we have been working diligently to make sure the salary increases will be included in the October 20 bi-weekly and October 27 monthly payrolls as applicable.  I would like to thank our Finance/Payroll and Human Resources personnel for their attention to ensuring the salary increases/changes apply to our October payrolls – it has been a significant undertaking.

    Thank you for giving us a productive first nine weeks of the school year.  We are grateful for your continued hard work and contributions to our success.

    Gary Hoskins, Chief Financial Officer

  • Statement from Gaston County Schools, October 10, 2023

    The N.C. Association of Educators (NCAE) lawsuit against the Board of Education has been dismissed.

    The NCAE and the individual plaintiffs agreed to voluntarily dismiss their claims against the Board with prejudice.  The Board’s insurance company has agreed to pay $20,000 to the attorneys for the NCAE.

    The Board and NCAE agreed that school district administrators and representatives from the NCAE will continue to work together, as they have in the past, on personnel and other school-related matters.

    It is important to point out that no one entity or organization is solely responsible for resolving our conversion-related payroll issues.  The significant progress made to address issues related to our payroll conversion is the direct result of the diligent hard work of our payroll, finance, and human resources departments; the dedicated technical support from CherryRoad Technologies and Oracle; and support from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.  Because of these collaborative efforts, our payroll system continues to be operational, and we are using it to run our bi-weekly and monthly payrolls to pay our employees on schedule.

    Click here for the Notice of Dismissal, and click here for the Settlement Agreement and Release of Claims.

VIDEO: Payroll Reminder for Employees, August 22, 2023

  • Payroll Information for the Media, August 15, 2023

     ▪ Our payroll system is stable, and we continue to process our bi-weekly and monthly payroll runs as scheduled.  Issues have become fewer with each new payroll run – employees are being paid.

    ▪ Our retirement contributions to the ORBIT state retirement system are up-to-date.

    ▪ We have become more familiar with using and administering the Oracle system for finance, payroll, and human resources.

    ▪ Our payroll department is fully staffed, and we are addressing reported issues on an employee-by-employee/individual basis.

    ▪ Our payroll staff is working diligently to ensure that the August payroll and all subsequent payrolls this school year are processed on time with minimal issues. 

    ▪ While the conversion of our payroll system has been less than optimal, we have made progress.  We realize that no system will be free of errors, and we are committed to addressing any errors that occur.

  • Additional Information

    Freshdesk Ticketing System for Finance, Payroll and Human Resources
    We have implemented the Freshdesk software, which is designed to facilitate and streamline the customer service and support process for our finance, payroll, and human resources departments.  Questions, issues, and concerns should be submitted using the Freshdesk ticketing system and are addressed on an individual basis.

    How to submit a ticket: Training Document

    Click here for the ticketing system.  Employees should log in using their Gaston County Schools Google account (@gaston.k12.nc.us)

    Bi-Weekly and Monthly Payroll Runs
    We continue to process our bi-weekly and monthly payroll runs on schedule -- our employees are being paid.  

    State Retirement Contributions

    All outstanding retirement contribution files have been submitted to and accepted by the ORBIT state retirement system.  Employees should be able to see up-to-date retirement information in the ORBIT system.