• Event provides opportunity for high school students to connect with colleges

    As part of the ‘NC Countdown to College’ effort, high school juniors and seniors in Gaston County Schools recently had an opportunity to visit with college representatives from more than 70 universities.

    Sponsored by the Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (CACRAO), colleges, universities, and post-high school organizations set up tables with brochures and information in the Myers Center at Gaston College.  Rather than students taking valuable time to complete information cards, students received a QR code that college representatives scanned to add them to an email distribution list.  This gave the students more time to interact with the college representatives and ask questions.

    South Point High School counselor Erin Stokes said the college fair allowed schools to connect with prospective students face-to-face.

    “I like for our students to have the opportunity to interact with representatives from different colleges to find out what types of programs they offer,” said Stokes. “In addition, I want them to be able to learn what campus life is like and have questions answered about the admissions process.”

    Kennedy McGruder, a senior at Highland School of Technology, was one of many students who took advantage of the college fair, which was held on September 26-27.

    “I am here to find out what universities offer a pre-dentistry track,” said McGruder, who is enrolled in the Health Sciences Academy at Highland. “A lot of times, I am searching online for information, and I don’t get the opportunities to ask questions about the admission process, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.”

    Ian McGinnis, a junior at South Point High School, learned that he could attend Converse College for a few years and then transfer into the College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences at Clemson University.

    “I was excited to learn about the dual education program Clemson has with several schools in and around South Carolina,” said McGinnis. “I can begin my academic career by pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Converse College while preparing for an engineering degree from Clemson University.”

    Stokes said the college fair also reminds students that the month of October is an opportunity for them and their families to focus on the college application process. 

    “October is ‘NC Countdown to College’ when we try to encourage all of our students to complete the necessary steps to get their college applications, residency determination, and financial aid completed,” said Stokes.

    Additionally, many universities and colleges waive application fees during College Application Week, which is October 17-21.  Click here for the list of North Carolina colleges and universities that are waiving application fees, and click here to visit the ‘NC Countdown to College’ website for more information.

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