• Marching Band Fanfare airing on Channel 21

    East Gaston Marching Band

    Our high school marching bands took the field and gave outstanding performances.  Now, they are going to be on television.

    The Gaston County Schools Marching Band Fanfare will air on Spectrum Cable Channel 21, which is the school’s district television station.  Two episodes have been developed by the Communications Department, and the programs begin airing January 9.

    Here is a look at the schedule:
    January 9-15
    Marching Band Fanfare (Episode 1)
    Featuring Highland, East Gaston, Cherryville, South Point, and Bessemer City
    10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m.

    January 16-22
    Marching Band Fanfare (Episode 2)
    Featuring Ashbrook, North Gaston, Forestview, Hunter Huss, and Stuart W. Cramer
    10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m.

    In addition to the band performances, the episodes feature a message from Superintendent Booker and a picture slideshow.  Once the episodes premiere on Channel 21 in January, they will air at additional times this spring on Channel 21.

    Viewers who do not have Spectrum can watch the episodes on the Channel 21 webpage or the Gaston County Schools YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our feature article (with lots of great pictures).

    The Marching Band Fanfare was held on Saturday, November 5 at Stuart W. Cramer High School, and the event is an annual tradition for the high school marching bands in Gaston County.  The program gives students an opportunity to perform their halftime shows in front of an audience, see what other bands are doing, and enjoy fellowship with band members from other schools.

    Here is a list of the performances for the 2022 edition of the Marching Band Fanfare:
    ▪ Highland School of Technology; presentation of “The Star-Spangled Banner” 
     The band is directed by Noah Williams.
    ▪ East Gaston High School; presentation of “The Beast Within”  
    The band is directed by Brandon Taylor, and Zoe Richardson is the drum major.
    ▪ Cherryville High School; presentation of “Postcards from Spain”  
    The band is directed by Mark Ewing, and Bailey Dugan is the drum major.
    ▪ South Point High School; presentation of “Bruce Wayne: The Prince of Gotham” 
    The band is directed by Tim Hamilton, and Jerry Bradley and Samuel Hayes are the drum majors.
    ▪ Bessemer City High School; presentation of “Take Me Back: A Journey Through the 70s”  
    The band is directed by Cole Crawford, and the drum majors are Raniyah Adams and Damya Simmonds.
    ▪ Ashbrook High School; presentation of “En Fuego” 
    The band is directed by Josh Westbrook, and the drum major is Joycelyn Marlowe.
    ▪ North Gaston High School; presentation of “Agent 54”  
    The band is directed by Tim Reed, and the drum major is David Trujillo-Gomez.
    ▪ Forestview High School; presentation of “Stained Visions”  
    The band is directed by Jerry Smalls, and the drum majors are Meredith Russell and Savannah McLemore.
    ▪ Hunter Huss High School; presentation of “The Elements”  
    The band is directed by Heaven Watson-Weary, and Maytelene Lopez is the drum major.
    ▪ Stuart W. Cramer High School; presentation of “Sideshow”  
    The band is directed by Kameron Radford, and Erica Scharber and Gavin Layel are the drum majors.

Marching Band Fanfare Episode 1

Marching Band Fanfare Episode 2