• New Hope Elementary raises nearly $70,000 for the American Heart Association

    New Hope Elementary School has achieved a remarkable fundraising milestone, raising an impressive total of $69,496.35 over the past decade in support of the American Heart Association. 

    Shelly Burke, the school’s physical education teacher, recognized the “Kids Heart Challenge” program as an exceptional opportunity to educate students about cardiovascular health while empowering them to bring about positive changes in their own lives.  By actively participating in the program, students not only contribute to the American Heart Association’s philanthropic efforts, but also gain valuable knowledge about the importance of having a healthy heart.

    In recent years, New Hope Elementary’s fundraising efforts have gained significant momentum.  Over the past three years alone, the school has exceeded the $47,000 mark, indicating the growing support for its school-wide initiatives aimed at assisting the American Heart Association.

    Principal Lynn Whiteside has embraced the school’s spirited fundraising endeavors, engaging in creative and entertaining activities to incentivize student participation.  In 2021, Whiteside fearlessly embraced being slimed, a lighthearted event that captured the students’ excitement and encouraged their support.  The following year, she and assistant principal Ken Loudon took on being turned into human ice cream sundaes, serving as a delightful incentive for students to contribute to the cause.

    This year, Whiteside decided to take a step back from the spotlight as students engaged in an exhilarating “snowball fight” and dodgeball game against the administration and teachers. 

    “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the students, families, and employees who have consistently contributed to this fundraising initiative year after year,” said Whiteside. “Their support exemplifies the spirit of caring and giving that is deeply ingrained in Gaston County Schools.”