• Bessemer City Central, Chavis emerge as overall winners of RoboGASTON

    Energy took center stage at this year’s RoboGASTON robotics competition. The “Super Powered” theme had students focusing on how to create energy in individual tasks to work together as one unit.

    Teams from across Gaston County Schools gathered on Saturday, March 4 at Forestview High School to show off their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) know-how skills.  The competition, which involves elementary school and middle school teams, puts students’ knowledge to the test as they compete in three different categories: robot design, robot game, and innovation project.

    “RoboGASTON is an opportunity for students to design, engage, and cooperate on a mission to engineer a better future,” according to Charli Mims, the RoboGASTON coach for Robinson Elementary.  “It gives students a creative space to grow in teamwork, engineering, brainstorming, speaking and listening, and critical thinking skills.” 

    To prepare for the competition, teams often meet before and after school to practice and get ready for the district-wide competition.  They spend a lot of time together, which coaches say bonds the students in a beneficial way. 

    “I think our weekly practices are something my students will remember for a long time,” said Jill Medford, the coach for Bessemer City Central Elementary School.  “We have really turned into a family over the months of practicing for the competition.”   

    In addition to learning together, students also are able to develop valuable skills. 

    “RoboGASTON allows students to explore and collaborate with their peers in a fun environment,” said Eric Miller, the coach for John Chavis Middle School. “Students are able to take on multiple roles and discover their own strengths and weaknesses while working as a team.”

    “What I love about taking part in RoboGASTON is getting to learn all these new things and experiences,” said seventh grader Riley Szymborski.  “I get to make a lot of new friends along the way and make my family proud of the work that I’m doing.”

List of Winners

  • Here is a look at the winners in the 2023 RoboGASTON robotics competition:

    Elementary School
    Champion: Bessemer City Central Elementary
    Runner-up: Lingerfeldt Elementary School

    Middle School
    Champion: Chavis Middle School
    Runner-up: Belmont Middle School

    Robot Performance Category
    Middle School Champion: Stanley Middle School
    Elementary School Champion: Pinewood Elementary
    Elementary School Runner-up: W.A. Bess Elementary

    Project Presentation Category
    Middle School Champion: W.C. Friday Middle School
    Elementary School Champion: Hawks Nest STEAM Academy
    Elementary School Runner-up: Gardner Park Elementary

    Teamwork Category
    Middle School Champion: York Chester Middle School
    Elementary School Champion: Catawba Heights Elementary
    Elementary School Runner-up: Costner Elementary

    Other Awards
    Judges’ Award: New Hope Elementary
    Gracious Professionalism Award: Bessemer City Middle School
    Innovative Team Name: Catawba Heights Elementary
    Spirit Award: Brookside Elementary
    Coach Award: Chapel Grove Elementary