Samantha Narciso, South Point High School
  • South Point senior earns prestigious $400,000 QuestBridge scholarship

    In December, Samantha Narciso, a senior at South Point High School, received an e-mail that completely changed her life.  Sitting nervously in her car after school, she logged in to discover the exciting news – she had been matched with Boston College, courtesy of the highly-competitive QuestBridge scholarship program. The scholarship is valued at $400,000.

    Samantha NarcisoRenowned for removing financial barriers, QuestBridge annually selects some of the brightest students in the nation, providing them with four-year scholarships to attend top colleges in the United States.  Narciso was one of nearly 20,800 applicants, securing one of the 2,242 scholarships awarded this year.

    Narciso’s accomplishment did not just happen by chance; it was the result of her hard work and dedication. She was inspired to apply for the National College Match program after receiving a letter from QuestBridge months before the deadline. Choosing Boston College was more than an academic decision; it was about family, especially her grandmother, with whom she is close.

    “Words cannot describe how grateful I am,” said Narciso. “It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend such a prestigious school, and not worrying about the cost is something that I will always be grateful for.” 

    Narciso credited her school counselors for their assistance. As a QuestBridge finalist, she managed the process with their help, leading to the ultimate reward of being matched with Boston College.  

    Narciso is excited about getting involved with EagleBridge, a group of students who also matched with Boston College through QuestBridge. The program provides support for its students and hosts a variety of fun activities to get students accustomed to campus life.

    At South Point High School, Narciso is involved in various school clubs and activities, showcasing her leadership skills as the founder and president of the Environmental/Interact Club, president of the Spanish Club, and secretary for the National Honor Society. She has also participated in the North Carolina Governor’s School program and contributed to the school’s cross-country and track and field teams.

    Looking ahead, Narciso aspires to enter the medical field, become a nurse practitioner, and eventually open her own practice.

    Congratulations to Samantha Narciso, an outstanding senior in the Gaston County Schools Class of 2024!