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Cherryville High earns spot on national honor roll

Cherryville High earns spot on national honor roll
Coaches’ commitment to professional development results in spot on national honor roll

Cherryville High School has earned a spot on a national honor roll.

The school is the only one in Gaston County and among only 33 in North Carolina to achieve Level One status in the National Federation of State High School Associations’ (NFHS) Honor Roll program.  The NFHS is a national-level organization for state high school athletic associations as well as schools involved in their state association.

Last March when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the NFHS launched a program designed to promote professional development for high school coaches.  The courses are made available on the NFHS Learning Center website for coaches to complete.  Schools gain Level One, Level Two, or Level Three recognition based on the sequence of courses completed by at least 90 percent of a school’s coaching staff.

Cherryville’s coaches completed the Level One courses: Concussion in Sports; Sudden Cardiac Arrest; Protecting Students from Abuse; and Fundamentals of Coaching.

“Oftentimes when we talk about professional development, we think about courses that focus on academics, classroom management, student behavior and discipline, and other topics that relate to the classroom,” said Cherryville High School principal Kevin Doran.  “It is wonderful to see professional development options for educators that go beyond the classroom to an area such as athletics.”

Doran continued, “We are proud of our Ironmen coaching staff for their efforts to engage in professional development that concentrates on learning about sports-related topics.  It shows their commitment to excellence in both athletics and academics.”

“As a school principal, I am lucky to have such a dedicated group of professionals serving as coaches for our athletic teams,” added Doran.  “I applaud their work that has brought positive attention to Cherryville High School and our sports program.”

Athletic director Scott Harrill beams with pride when talking about the dedication of the school’s coaches.  He says their work is “amazing.”

“Our staff works very hard to be the best in continuing education, coaching clinics, practice, student achievement, and setting high expectations,” said Harrill.  “I am very proud of the culture we have at Cherryville High School.  Our community, school leadership, teachers, and staff support our student-athletes in all aspects of life.”

To recognize Cherryville High’s completion of Level One certification, the school will receive a large banner for display in Nixon Gymnasium.  The banner will be a reminder of the school’s accomplishments and dedication to professional development and education-based programs. 

Level Two certification features First Aid, Health, and Safety; Heat Illness Prevention; and Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention courses.  The third level includes the following courses: Sportsmanship; Strength and Conditioning; Teaching and Modeling Behavior; Engaging Effectively with Parents; and Bullying, Hazing, and Inappropriate Behaviors.

Harrill would like for the school’s coaches to continue the professional development program to achieve Level Two and Level Three statuses.  He said, “We are committed to providing opportunities for our coaches to learn and grow in the profession so they can lead our students to success.”