• Teachers recognized for completing G.A.L.E. program coursework 

    Forty-seven teachers in Gaston County Schools have completed a year-long coursework titled “Gaston County Schools AIG Local Endorsement” or “G.A.L.E.” to work with academically and intellectually gifted students.

    Diane Price, who serves as director of the school district’s AIG (academically or intellectually gifted) program, expressed her enthusiasm for the significant interest and participation in the G.A.L.E. training. 

    “The fact that this is only our second year of having a G.A.L.E. cohort makes this accomplishment even more remarkable,” said Price, who pointed out that the first cohort had 10 participants.  “It is evident that the teachers went above and beyond to invest their time both in-person and online to complete the training and obtain the G.A.L.E. endorsement.”

    The G.A.L.E. coursework focuses on best instructional practices and offers in-depth training for educators involved in the AIG program.  It not only ensures that the AIG teachers are well-prepared to meet the unique needs of academically and intellectually gifted students, but also reflects the school district’s commitment to providing quality education.

    Below is a list of the teachers who completed the program for 2023:

    • Cheryl Adams, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Ali Airhart, Belmont Middle
    • Susan Allen, Chavis Middle
    • Kierstin Backes, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Jessica Barnes, Pleasant Ridge Elementary
    • Brittany Beam Henderson, Chavis Middle
    • Caroline Belcher, York Chester Middle
    • Erin Braswell, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Brandi Bridgeman, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Catherine Brooks, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Amy Brown, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Penny Cable, Pleasant Ridge Elementary
    • Abbigail Coleman, Chavis Middle
    • Crystal Dean, York Chester Middle
    • Taunia Fascella, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Elonia Forde, Holbrook Middle
    • Angelita Gonzalez, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Miranda Graham, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Crystal Hall, Holbrook Middle
    • Shedeiky Hamilton-Barnes, Holbrook Middle
    • Christina Harris, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Amber Jefferies, W.C. Friday Middle
    • Hero Jorge, Holbrook Middle
    • Joshua Kaskay, Stanley Middle
    • Ceara Killian, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Anna Lawing, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Devon Mastria, Belmont Middle
    • Margaret McLain, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Jennifer Medici, Stanley Middle
    • Shantana Mullings, Holbrook Middle
    • April Murray, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Meredith Padgett, Pleasant Ridge Elementary
    • Kim Parrish, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Daniel Poole, Mount Holly Middle
    • Laura Rayfield, York Chester Middle
    • Blair Rice, Cramerton Middle
    • Courtnay Robinson, Pleasant Ridge Elementary
    • Kristin Ross, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Misty Sigmon, Chavis Middle
    • Brittany Southard, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Lindsay Swayney, Grier Middle
    • Cassie Sylar, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Lisa Vaughn, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Deron Wilson, Holbrook Middle
    • LaTara Wilson, Belmont Central Elementary
    • Caleb Winburn, Cramerton Middle
    • Heather Woods, Belmont Central Elementary

    The teachers who achieved the G.A.L.E. certification were recognized during the Board of Education meeting on September 18.

    The Gaston County Schools AIG program recognizes students with exceptional academic and/or intellectual potential and provides high-level instruction, opportunities, and activities that recognize, challenge, and nurture the students’ abilities.  AIG teachers concentrate on empowering AIG students to become successful, lifelong learners and preparing them for the future.