Portrait of a Graduate
  • Gaston County Schools provides innovative educational opportunities for all students in a safe and nurturing learning environment through outstanding employees and community partners. 

    To help ensure success, a framework was created through multiple discussions that focused on knowledge, the character or disposition of an individual, Citizenship or civic engagement, and skills needed for the future. Through these discussions, a framework emerged; this framework is known as the Gaston Blended Portrait of a Graduate.

    The Gaston Blended Portrait of a Graduate identifies three overarching sets of attributes with additional descriptors under each attribute. These attributes include the following:

    • Character
      • Growth Mindset & Perseverance  
      • Adaptable & Resilient 
      • Compassionate & Empathetic 
      • Independent & Responsible
    • Knowledge
      • Subject Mastery 
      • Digital Literacy  
      • Health & Wellness 
      • Civic and Cultural Awareness
    • Future Ready Skills
      • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving  
      • Creative & Innovative 
      • Collaborative
      • Communicator

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  • At Gaston Blended, we believe that parents, caretakers, teachers, and community partners work together to build our future leaders. We know that our families are our most valuable resources and we aim to deliver programs and services to meet their needs.

    Parent Academy was established to support our families and community by answering questions on academic topics that impact your children's lives. These topics include academic support, social-emotional learning, and more. Our goal is to collaborate with our committed community partners to offer resources, programs, and services to meet the needs of every child.

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