Portrait of a Graduate
  • Gaston County Schools provides innovative educational opportunities for all students in a safe and nurturing learning environment through outstanding employees and community partners. 

    To help ensure success, a framework was created through multiple discussions that focused on knowledge, the character or disposition of an individual, Citizenship or civic engagement, and skills needed for the future. Through these discussions, a framework emerged; this framework is known as the Gaston Blended Portrait of a Graduate.

    The Gaston Blended Portrait of a Graduate identifies three overarching sets of attributes with additional descriptors under each attribute. These attributes include the following:

    • Character
      • Growth Mindset & Perseverance  
      • Adaptable & Resilient 
      • Compassionate & Empathetic 
      • Independent & Responsible
    • Knowledge
      • Subject Mastery 
      • Digital Literacy  
      • Health & Wellness 
      • Civic and Cultural Awareness
    • Future Ready Skills
      • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving  
      • Creative & Innovative 
      • Collaborative
      • Communicator