Focus in Schools

  • The focus of Section 504 in schools is on the eligible student having equal access/equal opportunity to and benefit from the school's curriculum, buildings, programs and activities as compared to non-disabled peers.

    Services and accommodations are designed to “level-the-playing-field" in the access to the following areas:
    • Curriculum- Changes to the general delivery of instruction so students with disabilities have equal access to classroom curriculum. 
    • Programs - Student with disabilities should have equal access to and receive benefit from all programs. 
    • Buildings - Classes, activities and services must be accessible. 
    • Activities - Students with disabilities must be provided equal opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and nonacademic activities.
    Section 504 is focused on equal opportunity and not results. Schools must meet educational needs of disabled students “as adequately as the needs of non handicapped persons.”

    Section 504 requires a child to be placed in the Least Restrictive Environment with non disabled children to "maximum extent appropriate to the need of the handicapped person."

    Section 504 requires that schools provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to all qualified students with disabilities.

    School Responsibilities

    Section 504 legislation mandates that every school have a principal designated 504 Chairperson who oversees the implementation of the 504 guidelines and 
    procedures. The 504 chairperson assists with the scheduling of meetings, coordination of staff, contacts with parents and or guardians and others that are 
    needed for this process at their schools.  The 504 chairperson keeps in close contact with administrators to ensure that all processes of identification, evaluation
    and placement are followed as well as the implementation of accommodation plans for designated students.  It is the responsibility of regular education staff
    and building level administrators to ensure that the guidelines and procedures of Section 504 are followed and implemented based on the requirements of the