GCS Grading Practices/Guidelines for Grades 3-12

  • General Guidelines

    Purpose: To provide direction to all teachers in expected grading practices.

    • Grading practices shall be reviewed annually by the principal and School Improvement Team.
    • Academic grades shall be a content-based measure of what students are able to demonstrate. 
    • Grading shall provide appropriate and accurate feedback to the students and parents. 
    • Grades shall reflect performance that is consistent with demonstrated achievement on the goals of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
    Guiding Documentation

    Purpose: Written documentation of how a grade is derived is essential for communicating with parents.


  • • Each grade level within a school shall be responsible for providing a written document to parents explaining their grading guidelines.

    • Each grade level’s document must be approved by the principal.

    • Upon approval, the grade level document shall be sent home and signed by parents within the first two weeks of school.

    • Teachers shall place the signed document in the Student Accountability Folder each year and purge at the end of the year.

    • This document shall be given to all students at their time of enrollment.


  • • All teachers are required to have a syllabus for each course taught.

    • The syllabus must be approved annually by the administration.

    • The syllabus must be communicated annually to students and parents via website and/or handout.

    • The syllabus must include the breakdown of grading plan to include percentages or points.

    • The syllabus must include a list of classroom procedures.


  • • All teachers shall be required to give the Principal or his designee and students a syllabus that contains information on how a grade is achieved. Principal shall review annually.