• Purpose: High School students shall be given the opportunity to participate in reteach/retest sessions. 


  • • The reteach/retest program in Gaston County high schools is a strategy to be utilized in working with students' mastery of coursework.  This program is intended to be a complement to the regular instructional day and shall be used to increase student mastery of subject matter.

    • A reteach session is not mandatory before the retest is administered, but can be required by the teacher if he/she believes it to be necessary and beneficial to the student.

    • Benchmarks, formative assessments, and final exams shall not be in the reteach/retest program.

    • Reteach/retest can be a part of a student’s makeup of work missed due to an absence (this can be addressed within the school-specific guidelines).

    • Students shall be able to re-test any major assessment one (1) time.

    • Any student who falls below a 75 is eligible to re-test.

    • The highest grade a student may make on a re-test is 75. If the re-test grade is lower than the original test grade, the student shall receive the higher of the two grades.

    •Tests that may be retested are those that comprise 60 percent of the nine weeks grade (major assessments) with exceptions listed above.  Entire projects may not be considered part of the retest process.  Teachers may allow students to “retest” a portion of a project, therefore positively affecting the overall grade assigned.

    • The reteach-retest guidelines apply to all courses offered in GCS, including honors, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and Gaston Online courses. However, the GCS Grading Guidelines do not apply to CCP and NCVPS courses.

    • It is recommended that students complete the reteach/retest process for a major assessment within 10 days of the original assessment administration.

    • Students who qualify for the exceptional children’s program may earn higher than a 75 if reteach/retest is included as a modification in the IEP.

    • Schools must publish the district guidelines and school-specific guidelines regarding days and times for retesting to parents, students, and staff in a written document (preferably the student handbook).