Dispute Resolution

  • School Level:

    • Discuss concerns with student's teacher(s) 
    • Discuss concerns with student's principal 
    • Request an IEP team meeting
    County Level: 
    • Contact School's Department for Exceptional Children Program Facilitator.
    • Contact Department of Exceptional Children Director, Carrie Minnich, at 704-866-6173.
    • Contact Exceptional Children's Assistance Center at 704-892-1321.
    • Contact Assistant Superintendent over Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Melissa Balknight, at 704-861-2673.

    State Level 


    Dispute Resolution Consultants- Updated on this site December 2019
    The consultants for dispute resolution work with parents, traditional local educational agencies, charter schools, state operated programs and other individuals to resolve disputes. They provide information about facilitated IEP meetings, mediation, formal written complaints and due process hearings. They also investigate formal written complaints.
    Teresa King
    Facilitation & Formal Complaints
    919.807.3415 (phone)
    919.807.3755 (fax)

    Polly Lilly
    State Compliant Investigator
    919.807.3631 (phone)
    919.807.3755 (fax)

    Deborah Throm
    State Compliant Investigator
    919.807.3520 (phone)
    919.807.3755 (fax)

    Leigh Mobley
    State Compliant Investigator
    919.807.4159 (phone)
    919.807.3755 (fax)