• Pre-Kindergarten Registration: School Year 2024-2025

    Applying preschoolers must turn four years old on or before August 31, 2024, and parents must submit the following documents to be considered for placement:
    • Valid ID of parent/guardian registering child*
    • Child’s certified birth certificate or valid passport
    • Proof of residency**
    • Proof of income for any parent/guardian residing with the student***
    • A completed Health Assessment and up-to-date immunization records are required by the 30th day of school.

    *Valid ID of parent/guardian registering child: North Carolina law requires that a biological parent, court ordered legal guardian/custodian (court document required), or Department of Social Services (DSS) placement representative (kinship paperwork required) should present a child for school enrollment (this excludes stepparents). Persons registering a child for pre-kindergarten should be prepared to present a valid ID and/or required legal documentation at registration.

    **No proof of residence: We can accept utility bills in your or your spouse's name such as a recent power bill, water bill, gas, internet, cable, lease, mortgage, rent statement, trash pick-up, etc. (If you do not have any utility bills in your name, please provide a recent piece of mail with your name on it.)

    ***Income information is required to be turned in for any parent/guardian/stepparent (if legally remarried) currently residing in the home. Recent consecutive check stubs covering one month and/or W-2 or tax return from the most recent year are what we can accept.  If the following are received, please also submit CHILD SUPPORT, ALIMONY, WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION, RETIREMENT/DISABILITY INCOME, WIC, SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS (SSA) OR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY INSURANCE (SSDI) information.  If paid in cash, provide a signed statement from the employer listing the employee’s name, hours worked, and weekly income with business name, supervisor’s contact name, and phone number.


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