Mission, Philosophy and Goals

  • The Gaston County Schools Pre-Kindergarten Program will provide developmentally appropriate and high quality learning experiences in inclusive, engaging, and child-centered settings.

    We believe that the early childhood years are critical for establishing healthy development and maximizing potential. Healthy development requires responsive, nurturing relationships and highly-engaging experiences that build upon the strengths and needs of the individual child.

    We believe:

    • Development happens within the context of healthy, safe environments and relationships.

    • Each child is unique and has his or her own timetable for development.
    • All developmental areas are connected and valued equally.
    • Young children learn through direct experiences in their environment and through interaction with peers and adults.
    • Children are natural-born scientists and seek to make sense of their world.


    The Gaston County NC Pre-Kindergarten Program will:

    • Value and respect the diversity and culture of each child and family.
    • Provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing learning environment.
    • Use a research-based curriculum that builds a strong foundation in the areas of language/literacy, math, science, social studies, and the arts.
    • Employ an assessment system that tailors activities to the child’s needs and informs families.
    • Provide opportunities for children to solve problems and practice self-regulation.
    • Form collaborative relationships with families through a variety of opportunities.